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Ready to get outside and head into the endless snow! Whether you're going out to ski, snowshoe, sledding or anything else that’s fun to do in snow, you should always check out if the area your going to have any avalanche warnings. 

To check out where those warnings are click on the link below and check them out!

Are you someone who goes out all the time or someone new to the wonders of the outdoors? Do you know what to pack for whatever trip you're doing? How do you plan an outdoor trip? 

Well look no further Adventure smart is able to give you tips for any season you want to adventure out in! Before you go check them out.

British Columbia Search and Rescue Association

“With much appreciation to FireOne Entertainment, we are proud to provide this promotional video that will allow you a small sampling of what services our 79 BC SAR Association affiliated SAR groups and their 2500+ unpaid professionals provide to the citizens of BC and to those who choose to visit our province." - BC SAR Association

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